color ball switch 2018 crazy challenging game for android

Color ball Switcher is one of the addictive game in android store, The play mode is by tapping the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch it color every time you move on. You must follow the color pattern when it switch on each obstacle to move on. Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll have to start all over again!Color ball Switcher follow color pattern to cross multi colored obstacle in this high paced action game. ! Switch Color Twist is a challenging action game that is fun for all ages.

Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch it color.
The objective of 
Color ball Switcher is quite simple; you need to get the ball from one end to the other, it will not that be easy, In between the start and end points, there are many different types of obstacles that the ball needs to pass through. All these obstacles are color coded, which means that the ball can only pass through the part of the obstacle where the color of the ball matches the Color of the obstacle. If the ball tries to pass through at any other Color point it will explode, and you’ll have to start over again.

You can also collect stars on each level. The more stars you collect, the better score you have!
It is a fun and challenging color puzzle game. It is one of those games where you continue to play for hours until you beat all the level.


How to Play

● Tap, Tap, Tap to get the ball past each obstacle.

● Follow the colour pattern to cross each obstacle.

● Timing and Patience are the keys to victory.

● Earn stars to unlock new balls.

● Beat Every Challenge and get a High Score in Endless

● New Modes and Levels added with each update

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