GTA V Gameplay on Android

GTA 5 is an awesome game to play. User experience is completely same as on windows. Graphics are fantastic, missions are exactly same as on the PC version. The only thing which is not same and you will get disappointed from is that cheats can’t be activated on the mobile version. You can’t get the joy of cheats on Android GTA 5 android apk. Overall the game is great, perfectly working with fabulous graphics.

GTA V for Android Key Features:

  • Grand Theft Auto 5  is the first game of its series, and the sandbox generally to be bet on a companion with more than one main character. With great ingenuity,  the game makes us move from one to another show their personal stories intersect and influence Each Other. This adds depth and complexity to the plot and makes it a very enjoyable gaming experience.
  • GTA 5 map is as big as GTA: San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 together. With two villages, a lake, mountains and different types of landscape. The world of GTA V is varied as vast as it is beautiful.
  • Grand Theft Auto includes a multiplayer mode. GTA online in which we can create an avatar and live in Los Santos completing missions to get money buy Apartments my cars and live a life of luxury.
  • The GTA V Heists like those great missions in the campaign in which you prepared your characters to perform spectacular shots. The hold-ups are the same but with two different sources you will make the 5 years along with other players and the results will be even more spectacular.  Prepare to improvise,  to unleash tacos, and to live intense escapes. When everything is over you will want to repeat you want to survive again and then tell the story to your friends.

How to install Gta 5 apk ?

First install Gta 5 modded apk and then don’t open this game.
Go on play store and download Zarchiever.
Turn off wifi/data connection
open the Zarchiver and locate the folder in which You have download the game.
After this extract zip file in the obb folder of your phone.
Location.Android/obb(If there is no obb folder then first create it manually)
After this open and play the game.
You will see game started with no error.

Requirements to play Gta v in android.

As we know that game contains high graphics and Game size is also quite large. So you need High End Android device to run this game. 
Ram:minimum 3gb or more
Free Space: 16gb or more 
Os : Android os 7 or higher 
Some Screenshots of gameplay.