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Top 5 games like gta 5 | Best games like gta 5 on android 2022

prince soni

Best games like gta 5 on android

NUMBER 5 :- Vice Online - Open World Games

About this game 

Vice Online is one of innovative roleplaying games and online open world games. If you like to play stealing car games and open world games online, you will be captivated by this game. By immersing you in the world of a big city like Los Angeles or Miami crime simulator Vice Online encourages you to dare more! So, grab the auto you like and take a cool ride! Invite your friends in one of the newest online multiplayer games, cooperate, and achieve more!


Vice Online is not just a copy of GTA Vice City massively multiplayer games, San Andreas roleplaying games, Miami crime simulator, and many other online open world games, or stealing car games. This is a NEW UNIQUE GAME about the open world and real life. This is a unique virtual world! So, try all the innovative benefits yourself!


Earn money and arrange sit-downs with your friends and other players around the world. Find out which of you is a real gangster, businessman, racer, taxi driver, collector, bandit, or policeman! With Vice Online, you can take all the advantages you would enjoy while playing open world games online!


Vice Online action game offers online multiplayer games and is all about living and growing in an open world full of gunplay, racing, drifting, and PVP! The open world of Vice Online, similar to real US cities, such as Miami, Los Angeles, or New York, will not have you indifferent.
Explore numerous game locations: metropolis, desert, beaches, airports, ports, drift tracks, ghettos and high-end areas, construction sites, and much more. Here, you will find jumps and stunt zones, high-speed radars, gunplays, chases and the police escapes. Drift and PVP modes are available!

NUMBER 4 :- Indian Heavy Driver

About this game
This is a very realistic and challenging game .Their is a mission mode for mountain climbing and free mode for driving. Their is a Legendary Fortuner car and also Destruction part is their.

NUMBER 3 :- Gangster Mumbai

About this game

In this game we can get a realistic feeling of car driving.

NUMBER 2 :- Indian Bikes Driving 3d 

Drive the most famous Bikes and the world through challenging roads that will test all your skills as a driver

Cellphone cheat codes:
Cycle - 1111
Duke 1290 - 8888
Duke 200 - 7777
Range Rover - 6666
Ghost Raider Bike - 5555
Bugatti Chiron - 4444
Lamborghini - 3333
Yamaha R15 - 0015
Gas Tank - 0
Bag - 200
Activa 4G - 0000
Kawasaki Ninja H2r - 3000
Pulsar Rs200 - 5000
Hayabhusa - 7000
Helicopter - 8000
Splendor - 9000
Thar - 9090
Royal Enfield Bullet - 9999
Car - 2222
New KTM - 1190
Duke - 4215
KTM - 1210
Pulsar - 1211
Super jump - 1215
ultra Super jump - 1216
Infinity Health - 9129
Skyfall - 1120
Slow motion - 1112
Moon gravity - 7112

About this game

NUMBER 1 :- Gangs Town Story

About this game

▶️ Ready to immerse in gangster life in grand open world game with theft auto?

You are in a criminal city in the middle of gangland, it could be any criminal city - Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles or Chicago.

But definitely you are in the mafia open world full of crime, gangsters, gang wars and dirty cops. Gangs are ruling here!

▶️ You have a great opportunity to become a gang leader and even a mafia boss. Explore every inch of this grand open world, where every vice has a price and every theft auto causes risk.

Choose a car, race with theft auto and escape from the chase. The cops and gangsters will chase you, but you can use the tank to have fun, defeat the police and other gangs.

To become a real gangster and the leader of a gang you need your personal arsenal of weapons. Use deadly guns, flamethrowers, grenades and much more. GTS: Gangs Town Story is a dangerous mafia open world!

Open this exiting gangster world of crime full of drive, racing, shooting, criminal and gangs. GTS: Gangs Town Story is a game full of action missions, street fights of gang wars and police.

▶️ Open world action game in mafia style is waiting for a gangster like you! Get a gang and become its leader!

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