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Majic Jungle’s The Blockheads (Free) is still kicking five years after release, and update 1.7, out now, is a dramatic new update
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Investigate, mine, art and work in this goliath and point by point sandbox game. Explore immense reproduced universes huge number of blocks wide with a full temperature and environment framework, seasons, an equator, and frozen posts. Investigate complex cavern frameworks and streaming water, and endure deserts and frigid mountain ridges.

Night is falling and your moron is freezing.
You haven’t yet made cover and your pit fire has gone out.
The sum total of what you have is a spade, a few wood and a couple of sticks.
You have just a brief time before depletion hits.
Do you make a bed, dig a cavern or refuel your fire?

How will you respond?

• Control your morons in a huge haphazardly produced world with seas, mountains, timberlands, deserts and profound underground caverns.
• Watch out for their requirements – give them rest, feed them, make dress and haven – and they’ll be more joyful, faster and more useful.
• Create apparatuses with the assets they find, and they’ll have the option to work much quicker and track down additional assets.
• Redesign workbenches and open further developed things to make.
• Find valuable stones and metals profound underground, or uncommon plants and creatures on a superficial level.
• Create a boat and explore the seas utilizing the precise night sky to direct you.
• Make fur attire and dare toward the North Pole.
• Pick coconuts at a tropical ocean side.
• Cook meat at an open air fire.
• Fabricate a marble royal residence.
• Paint the walls.
• Plant a plantation.
• Ride a jackass!

What's new

Look at the full fix notes for every one of the changes:

- Added horde subduing, by taking care of a given crowd the right food/thing
- Added dodo rearing, asset eggs , egg extractor
- Added jackass rearing, rainbow cake.
- Added mirror to tweak nitwit appearance
- Added new numbskull skins
- You can now rename numbskulls
- Added doors
- Added confines
- Added wheat, flour, yeast, batter, bread, flatbread
- Added tomatoes
- Added pizza stove and pizza
- Added yaks, yak horns, razors, yak shavings, milk, mozzarella
- Added mortar block and glowing mortar block
- Added diamond blocks, craftable at a press
- Adds D-cushion for direct control of nitwits, and as a choice to shift control for boats/handcars/jackasses and so on.
- Added work postings at exchange entrances
- Added new custom principles for instant transportation, reflection, post thing debasing/respawning, imbecile demise drops, exchange gateway purchase/sell assessment, and whether you want to find things before you can get them at exchange entrances
- There is presently wind, which influences mists, downpour, and a few particles, brushes organic product off trees, and brings moron satisfaction due down to openness
- New HD mists
- The time expected to create is currently shown both previously and during making
- You can now change the region covered by possession signs
- Added/clear order to clear the talk
- Master mode added, see underneath

- New textual style
- New look buttons
- Child dodos!
- Shaft things currently leisurely savage over the long run like other dress, and respawn at the posts 40 days after expulsion. This is configurable in custom guidelines.
- The time precious stone thing has been for the most part taken out, ought to be difficult to do anything helpful with any that remain
- Espresso cherries currently allow a 10 second additional speed reward All food presently gives a little jolt of energy
- Energy presently goes down somewhat quicker to redress
- Food varieties currently renew half as much food and wellbeing
- Rest currently likewise recharges wellbeing gradually
- Plant reaping has been changed so you generally gather the whole plant regardless of what part of it you tap. (bars plants and kelp)
- Establishes never again give a right instrument reward when gathered by digging the block beneath with a spade
- Plant thing drop counts have changed
- Sunflowers presently emanate light
- Time precious stone and gold metal and gold blocks currently have a bigger light range, which matches the pearl block light sweep.
- Boat moved to woodwork seat
- String moved to wind around workbench
- After a compensated video is watched, you want to stand by 10 minutes before another will open up
- Fur is currently somewhat more diligently to stop by from drop bears
- Game Center multiplayer is not generally upheld
- 'Share a connection' precious stone prize has been taken out
- All devices and weapons currently lose toughness 4x quicker per strike on the off chance that they are utilized as a weapon
- The manner in which creatures generate, feed and breed has completely changed, with longer lifetimes and different produce rates
- Trees over 3 blocks tall will currently consistently give no less than one organic product for every season
- Dodo feather drop on death is presently half possibility rather than 1 + half.
- Natural product presently tumbles off the trees toward the finish of the fruiting season, and stays on the ground for one day.
- Instrument rot custom guidelines are currently 2x and 1/2x, not 4x and 1/4x
- Water is not generally taken out while catching a fish or shark in a container
- Dodos and jackasses presently eat food lying around on the ground
- At the point when a crowd or kelp is frozen in ice, it will never again bite the dust, however will be saved in its present status until it defrosts and shows some signs of life once more
- Drops from plants never again make a sound except if they are being reaped by a nitwit
- New blade sound
- HD surfaces are currently free, and are the default
- Exchange entryways presently have a far more noteworthy duty among trading, 0.5x the base cost while selling, 2x the base cost while purchasing. This is configurable in custom standards.
- Exchange entries currently expect that you have gotten every thing before you can purchase/sell it in every world, but all things < 1.7 are opened in universes you have previously played in with 1.6. This is additionally configurable in custom standards. - Joy no longer impacts make speed - Renamed 'vanilla' or 'typical' to 'endurance' when utilized in text as a correlation with custom principles - Jewels and precious stone hued things currently are a more white tone - Jewels currently transmit a more drawn out arriving at light - Jackasses currently endure fall harm, can pass on from high falls - Scorpions currently have babies regardless of whether there is a back wall - All crowds with the exception of cavern savages currently take harm from high temperatures - New UI for choosing sun tone - In the event that you tap while riding something, you presently see a button to 'Quit RIDING' rather than quickly leaping off - Assuming the custom standards setting for world change is set to denied or administrator just, possession signs can now be utilized to permit specific players to alter confined regions - On the off chance that you don't have consent to eliminate/change a sign, you currently can't mine/adjust the block behind it - Talk warnings are stifled if the UI to quiet another player is noticeable - Master Mode: Flexible with custom standards: - Instant transportation requires precious stone entry - Apparatuses are spent at a portion of the rate, for however long they are not utilized in an assault - Hunger rate multiplied - Copies harm got when hurt in any capacity - All things dropped when you kick the bucket - Can't reflect Not flexible with custom standards: - Absolutely new movement through workbenches with new creating recipes for most things - Can't get a workbench utilizing time gems, it should be created at an entry - Exchange gateway creating requires jewel entrance - To utilize any workbench/making block other than the bring forth entrance, you should be the person who set it - Number of time gem blocks has been multiplied - Mineral reward with right apparatus decreased from 3x to 2x - Plant drops are lower, and more connected with current apparatus and whether it's at present blossoming. It's feasible to get no seed drop. - Trees and branches drop nothing additional when they fall as the consequence of one more block being eliminated, the main drops come from the single block which was hacked - Dead trees leave no drops - Less calfskin and fur drops from dropbears and jackasses - Less natural product develops on trees - Less money boxes, and in caves, as opposed to under sea shores - Energy given by espresso and other food things split - Low joy gives a more prominent punishment to mine speed - Shaft things make decreased impacts - Wellbeing increment while dozing is a portion of that of ordinary mode What’s It About?

In THE BLOCKHEADS, kids can play solo or with others in multiplayer mode. It’s a sandbox game, so kids have freedom to roam around virtual worlds as they wish. There are five features that kids need to manage for their avatars, or “blockheads”: health, happiness, hunger, environment, and energy. The blockheads must eat, build, and sleep using resources from their surroundings in order to maintain these features, make progress, and ultimately survive. Kids can join online servers to play with others, or they can host their own world (private or public) and have others join.

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